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* The majority of Stickers is sized smaller than 1 ft x 1 ft. 
But we can print / produce sticker labels as big as 60 x 120,

just they may not fall into the 2-4 hour or 1-2 days RUSH catagory

Custom Printed Stickers
starting from $ 35 *

Sticker, Label and Decals
are 3 acronyms of
similar products, a printed material with
a sticky / adhesive background.

(Social Distancing Floor Decal is viewed
as a different product as it has to stand up to
10 times the strength for wear and tear

(custom printed stickers in all size)
We produce them in flexible size
- from small 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch
to large 60 inch x 60 inch
and every dimension in between.

We produce them in different ink formula
(on different printing machine combos
with in-line / off-line cutter)


different Lustre / Shine Coating,
different glue level
for your different application needs
(more Below).


Short Cuts

Check out
  Matte Look
  Super GlossSticker


Stickers & LabelsSpring Sale PromotionCheck out our





Stickers, Labels and Decals are
used in many different categories


Product Labels
most user just call them Product Stickers.
Product Sticker Labels has got very popular during Covid as lots of people
turn into 'making thing' at home
during the Covid Lock-down.

This type of Sticker Labels
goes on Products, Bags,
or containers wrappings

Our Production Volume is Flexible,
customers buys them in various quantity,
from smaller sampling quantity to
large volume

eg. smaller quantity for a
product trial / design / testing
they buy 50 - 100 - 250 pc.

similar sticker
for the
different size of package
(the quantity may differ for each size),
100 gram, 250 gm, & 500 gm,
(the size may differ for each size),



different stickers for similar products,
(eg. strawberry, peach, orange) . . .
in bigger quantity
1,000 - 5,000 - 10,000 - 20,000 pieces.



In the Post Covid time, when
the market is re-opening + Summer,
we can expect to
see sticker labels to be used in
places and as instant display such as
Restaurant and food outlets for
Food Preparation, or online marketing,
where we can continue to practice
Social Distancing with
more visual advertising / notification 
like Stickers / Labels and Decals.


Hot and
Cold Food Labels Stickers

Cold Food normally deal with Refrigeration
and moisture condensation (Frost).  These problem is a bigger challenge than dry goods
stored in room temperature.

 We have a sticky labels solution specially
manufactured for this type of products.  
Our Cold Food Labels Stickers is designed
to deal with both temperature and moisture / wetness (and Heat Resistant for Hot Food).

When ordering, please make sure we are
aware of your refrigeration needs.




Examples of other Stickers


Similar Labels at Different Size
(for same or different application)



Labels for Containers
- Custom Shaped Sticker
on the Jar Lid
- Safety Tamper Proof Seal
available for the Lid



Transparent Labels
- Custom Shaped Sticker
on the Jar Lid available
- Optional White Ink Printing available



Bar Code Printing
- or Sticker Printing
include Bar Code
as part of the Copy Content



Custom Shaped Die Cut Stickers
we have multiple Sticker / Label Printing Machines - Specially Equipped with
on-line & off-line die-cutter to provide
you with High Volume Sticker Production,
at the fastest and cheapest
Commercial Sticker Printing Needs




Warning Label and Info. Label
for the Industrial Trade

Printed on Heavy Glued Labels
with Printing that's
Scratch / Fade Resistant
- Optional for Hand Writing available






Custom Printed Stickers
for Celebration Event and
Wedding Events

Printed in "Small Volume"
but used in Very Important Events
- Fast Printing Turnaround




Ink Lustre Level
& Shine Level

By tweaking some of our
printing process and ink formula,
we are able to provide different level of
lustre for our sticker printing.

In the illustrations below, we will be
showing the lustre / gloss level of

Matte Appearance,

Basic Gloss Appearance

Super Gloss Appearance

In general, we will use what we think
is appropriate for the client's sticker print job at our own discretion,
but customer can make their own selection. *

* Special setup / handling charge may applied
when specifying a lustre type as
special setup is required.


Matte Appearance *



Basic Gloss Appearance *




Super Gloss Appearance *


* Note: the Lustre / Shine Level is only a preference, not a quality matter,
some body (or the application) is better
with shine and some doe not, that's all.





Stickers & Labels
Spring Sale Promotion
Check out our


we offer Specials for
Sample Test Run (< 100 pc.)

and Short Run Production
Volumes (500 - 1000 pc.)

- all available in Circle,
Rectangle / Square and Round Corner


  Test-Run Sample
  2 inch Sticker$ 35  (80 pc.) * 3 x 2 in. Sticker
$ 25  (50 pc.) *

 Small-Run Special  2 inch Sticker$ 105  (500 pc.) * 3 x 2 in. Sticker
$ 89  (250 pc.) *
* our Manager Sponsored Sale is a limited
offer and is subject to change w/o notice
customer to supply print ready artwork
online File Submission Only
(Telephone Customer Support only,
NO WALK-IN Support)
sales tax not included
based on the same printing image
and medium ink coverage (< 60%)
ready tomorrow
other options / combos (size, volume,
custom diecut, etc.) available



Close Door Policy - Covid
(customer Data Privacy)
We only accept jobs by
online submission

(email or file transfer program)

Note: During the COVID-19 Outbreak,
all locations (and copy centre) are

all closed to the public.

Upon placing your order,

we will provide details about
the order's pickup / delivery locations.



Printing & Sign Factory Driving Map

Some of our Print Pickup Centre Locations

in Metro Vancouver (North Shore, Coquitlam, Surrey & Langley . . .)

* some locations operated by affiliates / production backup teams


e. 24hourPrintFactory@gmail.com

t. 778-628-9936

8385 St. George St., Vancouver (near Fraser & Marine)

Vancouver International Airport

Print Support (247)
South Van - UBC University Support Centre:

1200 W. 73rd Ave. (near Oak Bridge & Authur Laing Bridge)
Vancouver Convention Centre
247 Print Copies & Signs Support:
1155 West Pender (close to Vancouver Convention Centre)
Main Printing Support Centre
1285 W. Broadway, Vancouver (near former Denny's)

West Side Kinkos Land
(Kitsilano / West Broadway Support Centre)
1892 W. Broadway, Vancouver (across from the old Kinkos Bldg)
Burnaby / Metrotown
Business District Support Centre
5050 Kingsway, Burnaby (at Metrotown)



* Operation / Service / Product / Production Support
may varies at different location

Other Pickup sites available by our affiliates & trade partners
Rush Projects may be produced w/ our affiliate partners to meet tight schedule