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* we can print / produce sign Much bigger than 60 x 120,

just they may not fall into the 2-4 hour or 1-2 days RUSH category

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Display Sign and Banner
are 2 different sign product,
but somehow,
 they both share 1 common point,
displaying certain information.





In general,

Banner is soft material
Sign is mostly a
hard material
(eg. FoamCore / Foam Board
Display Sign for indoor use
Coroplast Sign for outdoor)

The choice of choosing
Banner or Display Signs
lies in the application,

and where you are going
to place them, how long, etc. etc.






Banners is made of a 'soft' material. 
The material is waterproof and the are
 indoor and outdoor friendly - and that
gives a lot of flexibility.


- soft material
- indoor & outdoor
- long lasting (3 year +)
- from Small to Large
- easy storage


size: as small as 2 x 3 feet,
as big as 5 by 50 ft.,
but the most common size range is

3 x 8 ft, 3 x 10, 3 x15 or 3 x 20 feet.

banners are also complimented

with retractable banner stand,

which is both pre-mounted and

are portable (mainly used as indoor)


Banner for Business Re-Opening *
* This can also be build as a rigid sign board
depends on the mounting location




Gold - Silver - Bronze
Award Banners
for an Award Ceremony Event






Banner for Corporate Event / Program Launching



Window Display Signs / Poster / Banner



Large & Small Birthday Banner & Signs





Banner for Party and Entertainment
and Business Function




Display Sign

Display sign are signs mounted on a board
and there are many kinds of board,
with Foam Core (Foamboard),
coroplast (indoor / outdoor) , Sentra,
Prexi-Glass, and Wooden Signs
being the most popular.

Large Sign are normally mounted on wall,
and smaller sign are portable. 

The most common board is foam Core Sign

for indoor use.  FoamCore (also called
Foam Board Sign), can be used for both
Permanent or simple short term use.
They can be used for
Wall fixture, wall display, hanging on the
window, sitting on an easel,
in a display frame, or sitting on a display.
While Foam Core Sign is not waterproof
(in the foam area),
our version of foam board is produced with a
'Waterproof printing service"
- so you can clean of the dust
from the surface. 

They are great for product promotion and
business seminar and commercial product and event presentation





The other most common board that's both
indoor and outdoor friendly
is coroplast.  The one that's used in
Open House (on a stick) and the

big 'Re-zoning' sign.  They are made to custom

size from small 1 feet x 1 feet (12 x 12 in.), to
large 4 feet x 8 feet (48 x 96 inches)

CoroPlast (or Coreplast) Sign is mostly
made with water proof material, and
can be used in very versatile situation,
in water / moisture area, area requiring
cleaning, rainy Vancouver type of weather,
sale sign, directional sign,
store front (point of sale),
real estate sale / open house,
warning and notice,
government regulation, public notice,
Rezoning and Development Permit announcement, etc. etc.


'For Sale' Sign - 'Open House' Sign
Signs for the Real Estate Industry



Indoor / Outdoor Display Sign
(Foam Board Sign)



Banner & Signs for Summer Fun
Kids Camp and Summer Event



Rezoning Sign

For Lease

Large 'For Sale' Sign

(as big as - 4 feet x 8 feet for
coroplast sign)




Display Sign

We produce rigid signs in many different sizes,

for a 1 time use to long term use,

indoor application, and outdoor application.
(we use different machines and ink system to

produce different signs for ultimate performance.


Our long-term signs are rated to last
with a 5 year rating for durability.

store opening, Sale, community event,

conference / convention announcement . . .





Econo Sign for Personal Use




Signs for School and Project Team



Display Signs for
School / Academic
Personal / Events
Real Estate Sales


We produce display sign with different material
to best match your needs, from 1 time use, to temporary use (short term) - or for an event, to permanent use. 

The benefit of using different ink system and machine have their benefits:   we don't use the "Smelly Ink for indoor print applications"  - we only use environment friendly ink for indoor use. 
Our Outdoor ink have a shelf life of 5 years +

for our permanent signage.






Our Factory Printing / multiple machines Setup allow us to produce more Large Signs

on a RUSH Schedule

sub-trade contracting needs.

Contact us for your
Special 247

Poster & Sign Production *

* subject to availability ,

rush charge may apply



Display Signs & BannerSummer Sale PromotionCheck out our




Vinyl Banners(Indoor and Outdoor Use) 2 x 4 ft.     $ 303 x 5 ft.     $ 503 x 10 ft.   $100 Certain Conditions Applied






RetractableBanner *  1 pc.    $ 150 2 pc.   $ 290
3 pc.   $ 435

* our Manager Sponsored Sale
is a limited offer and is subject
to change w/o notice
sales tax not included
based on the same printing image
and medium ink coverage (< 60%)
ready in 1 - 2 days
other options / combos available



Close Door Policy - Covid
(customer Data Privacy)
We only accept jobs by
online submission

(email or file transfer program)

Note: During the COVID-19 Outbreak,
all locations (and copy centre) are

all closed to the public.

Upon placing your order,

we will provide details about
the order's pickup / delivery locations.



Printing & Sign Factory Driving Map

Some of our Print Pickup Centre Locations

in Metro Vancouver (North Shore, Coquitlam, Surrey & Langley . . .)

* some locations operated by affiliates / production backup teams


e. 24hourPrintFactory@gmail.com

t. 778-628-9936

8385 St. George St., Vancouver (near Fraser & Marine)

Vancouver International Airport

Print Support (247)
South Van - UBC University Support Centre:

1200 W. 73rd Ave. (near Oak Bridge & Authur Laing Bridge)
Vancouver Convention Centre
247 Print Copies & Signs Support:
1155 West Pender (close to Vancouver Convention Centre)
Main Printing Support Centre
1285 W. Broadway, Vancouver (near former Denny's)

West Side Kinkos Land
(Kitsilano / West Broadway Support Centre)
1892 W. Broadway, Vancouver (across from the old Kinkos Bldg)
Burnaby / Metrotown
Business District Support Centre
5050 Kingsway, Burnaby (at Metrotown)



* Operation / Service / Product / Production Support
may varies at different location

Other Pickup sites available by our affiliates & trade partners
Rush Projects may be produced w/ our affiliate partners to meet tight schedule