24 Hour (online)
Print Factory .com


24 Hour Print Factory
provide offset & Digital Printing,
Sticker, Poster and

Sign Printing Services
to 4 group of users.




1.) The Econo
Daytimer '9 - 5's,

offer the cheapest digital Printing,
Foam Board Display Sign, Retractable
Banner & Sticker, Conference Poster, 
Fabric Research Poster,
Poster Printing Service to UBC Students.

We provide Trade Printing Services to
our Trade Affiliates, Print Brokers,
Print Shops & Design Agencies
(in local BC + Canada + US)





2.) 'After Hour Rush'
(SuperRush after 5 pm
+ weekends)

- we operate 24 hours + weekends
(for Rush / urgent projects)

- commercial grade Digital Printing &
Large Format Printing Facility
(Poster, Banner & Sign Shop)

- dealing with customer who has to 
order after hour
(mainly RUSH Jobs,
Missing Shipment, Last Minute
Revisions, Supply Chains Problems ...)

* Rush Charge applied on certain products









3) Conference
Research Poster

(for local presentation) &
Fabric Research
for improved
Airline Traveling
(coming to Vancouver

+ going out to other Cities)


- we provide 2 production speed

1 - 2 days Rush and
3 - 4 days Econo

of 2 hours Printing

- We ship EVERYWHERE to North America (USA & CANADA)

- Order in Advance and Poster ready when you arrive Vancouver
(or anywhere in North America)







4) World-Wide /
International Customer
Out-of-Town Convention
/ Business Visitors
coming to Vancouver
+ Travellers Flying Out
(including " RUSH "
24 Hour VIP Service)




24 hour Printing, Research Poster and Sign Support for the reopening of Vancouver Convention Centre and Tradeshow / Conference

This catagory include customers
coming or leaving
Western Canada
(ie. versions of
Out-of-Town Printing)

The catagory of supplying
conference research poster,
fabric research poster, retractable banners,
foam board and event display signs &
printing to international travellers got

very popular since the Business

Re-Opening after the Covid Closure.

There are major supply chain issues,
travelling restrictions, rising shipping cost,
and shipping delays,
'Airline keep losing travellers' luggage'.

Conference Paper Research Poster and Fabric Research Poster Presentation for travelling Poster Presentation Exhibitors

(Research Poster Presentation

at the Convention Centre)


We are here to help with our Specialty
Convention Printing & Event Sign Service.

Simply Order in advance of your
exhibition / meeting / trip  / event
(from anywhere in the world),

our Vancouver Convention Printing & Sign
Team (Travelling Team) will get your sign &
conference research poster printing ready,
waiting for your arrival to Vancouver.
(with multiple pickup centre + hotel delivery)

For those exhibitors that are unable
to order before boarding their plane, our
can help them after they arrived Vancouver
(this includes the lost luggage situtations)

Contact us for further support.



Select the Printing or Sign Products

Our Digital Printing Products
(partial product list only)

Small Volume Document



Coil Bind Document / Report



Professional Stitched Booklets



Booklets Document
and Report


High Volume Print and
Copies Projects



Manuals, Reports




Poster, Flyer, Handout



High Volume Copies,
Flyer, and digital Printing


Form Letter, Carbonless Form,
Business Forms, Letterhead
and Custom Addressing


24 hour Printing & Sign Factory
Driving Map


Five Marketing and
Print Pickup Centre
in Metro Vancouver

(+ other Pickup Centre from North Shore to Coquitlam to Langley via affiliates)