24 hour PRINT & SIGN factory
now markets Face Mask,
Face Shield and PPE products
(Personal Protection Equipment).

Over the last 6 months, we have team up with
partners in supplying PPE products (Face Mask
& Face Shields) to Canada.  The current needs
is to provide adequate Covid-19 Virus Prevention
Facial Protection Equipment for about
5 million students (Canada), with about
600,000 BC Students heading back to school

Here's a recap we have supplied
and many are still available






           Face Mask / Shield






       3D face shield here

         After Business










   Face Mask / Face Shield

   Combo for Front Line


   Workers (Re-Open)








      Splash Guard for
      Restaurant and

      Front Line Service








    Face mask and

    Facial Coverings for

    (import and local



The Back to School needs for
Covid-19 Protection (with Face
Mask Mandatory in School)

we've partnered with Garment Manufacturers in
bringing Kid Size Face Mask, including Fashion
Based, Instant Print Based, Comfortable Based,
and Econo Based Face Mask, Pluse Custom Printed
Kids Size Face Shield to further protect British
Columbian, from the young one returning to school,

to the working class, to seniors sitting at home.

   Cheapest Custom Printed Factory Face Masks in Vancouver Kid Size Custom Printed

    Fabric Face Mask (Kids Size

    to for fit Children's 
    Face perfectly to give them

    maximum protection.

    Some style can be fitted

    with an additional filters, to

    give additional protections
    when situation arise.)

Halloween Themed Face Masks - printed in Vancouver  Preprinted Disposal Mask
   packed in 50 pc. and Handy

   package packed in 10 pieces

   Handy Package.

   - Our advise:

   get a single pack of

   10 pc. handy pack for each

   child and a spare pack in

   the car and at home. 
   *** get a pack for emergency use, very handy !



Cheapest Custom Printed Face Masks in VancouverCustom Printed Mask
with Pre-Printed Pattern, or Custom / Instant Print using your pattern or ours. 
Ready in 1 - 2 days, not need to wait for a month to get your mask.



Cheapest Custom Printed Factory Face Masks in Vancouver  Alternative to the basic
'medical' looking style,

these 3D Mask are extra
comfortable as they hug to the face, offering premium breath comfort and superb protection.


Cheapest Custom Printed Factory Face Masks in Vancouver
Cheapest Custom Printed Factory Face Masks in Vancouver
Halloween Themed Face Masks - printed in Vancouver
Halloween Themed Face Masks - printed in Vancouver
Cheapest Custom Printed Face Masks in Vancouver
Cheapest Custom Printed Factory Face Masks in Vancouver

24 hour Printing & Sign Factory
Driving Map


Five Marketing and
Print Pickup Centre
in Metro Vancouver

(+ other Pickup Centre from North Shore to Coquitlam to Langley via affiliates)

Vancouver Businesses
Signs Products
to HELP their

Here's some examples

Re-Opening or
Advertising Banner
Custom Floor

1 Way
Traffic /
Elevator /
Soc. Dist.
 Wall Display

(up to)
50% Discount Subsidy
for Business Re-Opening Continues . . .

we started our
50% Discount Subsidy for
Covid-19 Sign Products
to support Vancouver's
Supply Chains, Food Markets and
other Essential Businesses to
help promote Social Distancing
and help bend the curve,  

To salute our first line workers and

Help Vancouver Get back on their

Feet during our Phase 2 Re-Opening,
we decided to continue
our Subsidy . . .

providing the cheapest Sign Products,
Social Distancing Decals,

and PPE Face Shields to
Vancouver Re-Opening Businesses





Face Shield


Face Shield used for Business Re-Opening (Covid Phase 2)

Face Shield is one of the
important PPE Product
we are carrying

who needs it,

first line workers,

food server,

medical staff,
business workers
and anyone who

wants to add an addition

level of Covid-19 protection
beyond practicing
Social Distancing (6 ft)


Face Shield to help protect our Front Line Workers for Social Distancing

Different Styles available,

contact us for details


Heavy Duty Floor Signs
starting from

(with our 50% Discount Subsidy)

*** Junior Signs starts at $2.00 ***
(Custom Designs applicable)

Here are some examples



More details about our
" customizable "

Floor Signs
" customization "
Details / Examples






Business Signs
on Wall, Windows and Floor

have taken on a new meaning

as Business Re-Opens.

Remember the Display Signs
you see at the Gas Station, Burger /
Chicken / Ice Cream Store,
During Phase 2 Re-Opening,
a lot of small business / Restaurant

are doing the same Sign Practice


This is one easy to advertise the business while practicing
Social Distancing





Our Wall Sign, Display Sign,
Window Sign, Hygiene Sign and
Floor Signs are made of
different materials, but they
all serve the same purpose of
long last and informative. 
(50% Discount Subsidy applied to
most of our Re-Opening Signs)



Restaurant attached to
Restaurant Wall is one example
of Non-Contact Menu
where restaurant patrons
does not have to touch
the menus. 

(This type of menu is not new,

it's pasted on the wall of



Our Wall Sign, Display Sign,
Window Sign, Hygiene Sign,
lawn sign and coreplast Sign
can help local business and

 organiztions deal with
Social Distancing








more on our

Floor Sign



our " customizable "





Floor Decals are custom printed,

different design, size &
quantity available

Plus: Customization and
Custom Design / Printing
(Short Run / Long Run is available)






To help Canadian Businesses
Re-Open (phase 2) and gradually
bring the economy back to
a "New Normal",

we are providing a
50% Discount Subsidy

on most of
our Sign and Printing Products,
and also offer

Social Distancing Floor Signs
as low as $3.50

*** Junior Signs starts at $2.50 ***


These are the cheapest

Social Distancing Floor Sign
offered in Canada
that are designed for
"Long Term"

Floor Sign Use
(and not wearing out prematurely)






3different types
of floor signs



We offer 3 types of Floor Signs:

A. Basic Design
Preprinted / we stock some of them





B. Basic Changes
Basic Changes - color / word message

- customer LOGO insertion





C. Custom Design / Different Needs
Anything that does not fall into A. or B.

it does not mean Complex design,

it's a catagory to accommodate business
and organization with different needs
- different size, color, shape . . .

for restaurant, factory, office, retails . . .







  Your Custom Message Here



Because we produce our own Custom Floor Signs
in additon to distributing
Social Distancing Floor Signs for

a National Supplier, we are able

to handle custom design for anything

from a few signs custom designed, to 1,000 custom
floor signs in the same day or in a few days.



More about our
Social Distancing
Floor Signs