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Designer Printing
Marketing Material to Impress Clients

OverSIZE - THICK Card Stock - Non-Crack Folding - SuperShine Coating

"Designer" Printing Products are unique because most of these products are not available through the basic Copy Shop or General Print Shop. 

Designer Printing originated as product by "Graphics Designers", which carry the premium look and premium printing to match.  These products are sometimes called Boutique Printing. 

Who uses them (originally) ?
Car Makers, Condo Developers, World Travel / Tour Brochure, Corporate Brochure. 

you can design and print these products at low cost.

OverSIZE - THICK Card Stock Brochure

A 6 page Brochure is printed on this "Extra-Wide OverSIZE Brochure Sheet.
(23 inch wide). The Sheet is designed to let the Marketing Professional to "WOW" his


Panorama OverSIZE - on Card Stock
In the last 25 years, Landscape Printing does not exist in the Junior Print / Retail Print Market.  They are only available through "Commercial Printer" or by "Gluing" 2 piece of paper together in a tacky way . . .
We have make them
very affordable . . . at about $1 a sheet (minimum puchase required)



Custom Printed
Presentation Cover

- on THICK Card Stock -
Great for Marketing Professional doing a Presentation or Proposal.

We have make them
very affordable . . .

Direct Marketing and Neighborhood Mail Marketing
with Canada Post

For Premium
Postal Marketing

Solutions, Contact us
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