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* we can print / produce sign Much bigger than 60 x 120,

just they may not fall into the 2-4 hr / 1-2 days RUSH catagory

We produce the cheapest and fastest
sign printing in Vancouver, and we are
1 of the extensive Signs and Banner producer in Vancouver with
Same Day  or 2 - 3 Hour RUSH
Production, *
Plus: 247 VIP Signage Support


Factory Sign Printing Facility,

Multiple Machines and
15 years sign making experience.

Most copy shops runs 1 small Inkjet in a tiny corner and only produce Poster
due to facility constrant. 

To produce Signs within a few hour RUSH, that's a totally different animal. 
We built a whole Sign Factory with  multiple wide format printing machines
to carry the tasks.  Different dedicated machines were hand-picked to do a special type of jobs
(12 color for color tone,
indoor machine for fast printing,

Special Poster Machine for Fabric Poster Printing
dedicated engineering drawing machines
large outdoor printer to handle
60 x 120 inch Large Display,
our new machine to manage

corporate logo color matching,
mounting and banner setups . . . ) 

our Sign and Poster department is open on a 24 hour clock, offering
247 large format printing support

for Convention, Exhibition,

Conference, Marketing, Post Graduate and Presentation needs.


Sign Production is not a While-u-Wait product. 
Please Book Ahead
** we do not overload our 247 bookings. **

we want to ensure all BOOKED JOBS get

Architectural / Engineer

Drawing (blueprint)


popular size:

11 x 17

18 x 24

24 x 36


Black Ink

light ink coverage



Engineer Drawing is the backbone for

the manufacturing / construction,
interior decorating and
contracting trade.

from designing a gadget, renovating a restaurant, to a $50 million building permit


Extended Hour of Operation
2 pm  - Midnight

Most drawing projects takes 2 - 3 hours
lead time to produce, so the
job submission deadline for

 blue print shop is 2 pm (close at 5pm) or
5 pm for copy shop / centre (
close at 7pm).


This is
inadequate for many smaller tradesman and designer professionals,

who don't finish their meetings

their design drawings or revisions until the late hours.


Our Engineer Drawing Department
works late, to help these late birds
get their printing ready for

their early meetings tomorrow.

** late hours Pickup is available **




Color Poster

(small --> large --> huge --> high volume)





Color Poster (and
mounted signs)

are very versatile for presentation, event,

advertising, marketing, illustration, trade show
and personal / family events.


We produce Color Poster
Sign in Any Size

up to 60 x 120 inch in hours / on the same day

+ fast sign mounting 

our core production time is
2pm to Midnight,

but 247 VIP Service is available


(larger size are available but
subject to production scheduling)



We produce Color Poster with many of

our factory printing


Digital Press,

Large Format Printer

Offset Printing Press


with print quantity

from 1 piece to

50 or 100

to 2,000

Popular Size


(8½ x 11)




Tabloid (11 x 17)




17 x 22 to
18 x 24


28 x 44

Happy 150


Pull-up Banner

Retractable Banners is popular due to their
portability and convenience, and they
take up minimum space.
Very Popular in Convention, Conference and

Trade Show Exhibition and Presentation.

Different size and types available


store opening, Sale, community event,

conference / convention announcement . . .





Banners can be divided into 3 product groups


the long lasting
mulit-year hanging

or repeat use


the corporate group

corporate logo / color matching

heavy Ink coverage


and econo group

Single use, single event (short term)
personal use,

 designed for Economy priced




Contact us for your specific needs



banner size


Display Sign

We produce rigid signs in many different sizes,

for a 1 time use to long term use,

indoor application, and outdoor application.
(we use different machines and ink system to

produce different signs for ultimate performance.


Our long-term signs are rated to last
with a 5 year rating for durability.

store opening, Sale, community event,

conference / convention announcement . . .





Econo Sign for Personal Use




Signs for School and Project Team



Display Signs for
School / Academic
Personal / Events
Real Estate Sales


We produce display sign with different material
to best match your needs, from 1 time use, to temporary use (short term) - or for an event, to permanent use. 

The benefit of using different ink system and machine have their benefits:   we don't use the "Smelly Ink for indoor print applications"  - we only use environment friendly ink for indoor use. 
Our Outdoor ink have a shelf life of 5 years +

for our permanent signage.






Our Factory Printing / multiple machines Setup allow us to produce more Large Signs

on a RUSH Schedule

sub-trade contracting needs.

Contact us for your
Special 247

Poster & Sign Production *

* subject to availability ,

rush charge may apply

Business Sign

There are many special sign application beyond the basic signage,
here's a few more examples of our
indoor and outdoor sign applications


our specialty : Low cost and
faster sign productions

many signs under the size of 60 x 120 can be produced on same day / next day basis



Window Display
can be done by easily applying

self-adhesive stickers onto

shopping windows,

or with "Special Window Graphics"

inside the store area





Storefront Display Poster
storefront Display Poster
hanging in the Window Display

Draws Big Attention






Business Display
comes in many shape and size.


A-frame, Sandwich Board,

Light Display, Back-light,

pull-up banner, signs

Wall Graphics . . .




Business Display Sign
comes in many shape and size.


A-frame, Sandwich Board,

side walk sign


available in many different size

style and material


24 x 18,

24 x 24,

24 x 36

24 x 48

30 x 48


custom size





Business banner stand
are versatile because

they are portable

and can be placed in most location,


they may be used for 1 time,

or for long time (months & years)

or once in a while.


Pull up banners come in many different size.

the most popular size include

24 x 70

33 x 70





Real Estate Marketing

Open-House Sign
comes in many shape and size.


95% of real-estate products

comes from licensed agents.


Contact us for your agent's needs.



Poster, Sign &

we print up to
60 x 120 inch.


247 Super Rush
Poster, Sign & Banner Service
available (1-2 hour)


* rush charge req.