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Real Estate
Open-House Feature Sheet

(11x17 on Card Stock printing with non-crack folding)

11x17 Feature Sheet (Bi-Fold)

Premium Marketing Products and
Real Estate Product Feature Sheet

Every Boutique Printer has adjusted their product line
to cater the
Red-Hot Real Estate Market . . .

Here's a few of our products


Open-House Product

Real Estate Open House Feature Sheet is one of the Most Important Product after the agent landed the Listing. 

Our Open-House Feature Sheet is produced on Card Stock, and most order
ready in 1-2 days (Premium Over-Size may take an extra day).


Lowest Price
Feature Sheet

(Card Stock with Non-Crack Fold)

Our 11x17 Open House Feature Sheet has the best value, and is our High Volume Best Seller

Our poplular / Econo
Feature Sheet
come in 2 styles
Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold


- classic look yet Premium Quality,
- Card Stock Holds Better Vibrant
    Heavy Ink
- BEST PRICE in Vancouver for
   "Card Stock Printing
    and Non-Crack Score"   

11x17 Feature Sheet (Tri-Fold)

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