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50% Discount on Covid-19 Physical Distancing Stickers, Floor Decals and Poster / Signs for Essential Business, Supermarket & Takeout Restaurant

To continue raising Awareness on the
Covid-19 and Physical Distancing,


we are offering up to 50% Discount subsidy to the Covid-19 Prevention / Physical Distancing Floor Decals and Signs Printing Products. 
(These are the Cheapest Social Distancing
Floor Decal sign that are available
with the long lasting coating)






Custom Enhancement

We offer custom printing of
Floor Signs
with 2 level of design enhancement
a. Basic Changes

b. Custom Design

for example:


we can customize the message:


we can customize the icons:



we can customize the color:



we can customize for corporate color:




contact us for your special needs




50% Discount on Large Physical Distancing Display Sign (60 x 100 inch)we minimize productionequipment sharing

* Certain conditions applied



Sign printing solutions during
the Covid-19 Virus Outbreak


While Physical Distancing Floor Decal 
is the most popular Sign used in
essential business such as
Supermarket and Big Box Retail,

many other sign application has

been forgotten.  Here's just a bunch of examples:


We offer many different
(small, medium) and
Wall Graphics
(small, Medium & Large) and
Poster and Sign Printing Solutions
(here are some product themes)


Washing your hands is the most

important activity


It keep the virus from spreading
in places you touch, and minimize
the virus from going places and
getting contacted

(you got to get the germs off your hand in office and elevators, and got home / apartment. . . )

50% Discount on Covid-19 / Wash Your Hand / Physical Distancing Signs and Poster




Wash Your Hand

Hygiene Awareness Poster, 
Adhesive Sticker Sign, Sign Board

50% Discount on Stickers for Covid-19 Physical Distancing50% Discount on Custom Shaped Stickers for Covid-19 Physical Distancing

Sticker Decals and
Wall Stickers

available in any size

attached to elevators, parkade,

your son's notebook computer

inside / around the bathroom, . . .



50% Discount on Wall Display Sign & Adhesive Sticker - Physical Distancing Decal Sticker Sign for 6 feet distance

paper poster &

sign board
(including waterproof)
adhesive decals and stickers. 

available from a 2 inch x 2 inch
decal sticker, to a

8 x 11 paper sign, to a

sign mounted on a sign board. and

a self adhesive
sticker sign or color poster, or a
hang banner






50% Discount on Physical Distancing Floor Decals Stickers Sign - maintain 6 feet / 2 metre distance

Social distancing
Floor Sticker Sign

(Custom Design Printing available)


Floor graphics has been around
forever but has not take off until now.


With our Health Officers / Government
giving Orders to provide
Social / Physical Distancing
(which we found to be working well),

Floor Signs plays a VERY VERY
important role in promoting
the Physical Distancing Awareness.

- both as a reminder / awareness,

but also show the actual distance

where we should stay to minimize

the virus from spreading to the

next shopper standing next to us.


Floor Stickers uses a very different

material than the traditional

sign stickers we normally used

for general purpose applications
(which does not provide the

Using Specialty Printing Equipment,
we provide floor graphics stickers that's
not only long lasting,
but is also easy enough to peer
/ remove / and change


and Best of ALL,
we are providing
(up to)
50% subsidy
for Health Awareness
Sign Printing Products


Business Window

There are some business
(and food outlet)
staying OPEN
during the Pandemic Period


No Dining
Restsaurant Sign - Food Takeout is OpenFreshly Made


Window Graphics (stick-on)

can help these business

keep operating





Window Graphics

can be words, or Picture or both.



Window Display during Covid-19


Window Display
can be done by easily applying

self-adhesive stickers onto

shopping windows,

or with "Special Window Graphics"

inside the store area



Business Window Poster during Covid-19 - advertising Business is Open


Storefront Display Poster
storefront Display Poster
hanging in the Window Display

Draws Big Attention




Business Display
comes in many shape and size.


A-frame, Sandwich Board,

Light Display, Back-light,

pull-up banner, signs

Wall Graphics . . .



Covid-19 Restaurant Take Out Signs






Covid-19 / Physical Distancing Restaurant Take Out Directional Signs


Business banner stand
are versatile because

they are portable

and can be placed in most location,


they may be used for 1 time,

or for long time (months & years)

or once in a while.


Pull up banners come in many

different size.

the most popular size include

24 x 70

33 x 70




50% Discount Subsidy
on Covid-19
Physical Distancing
Floor Decal Sticker

the Cheapest Covid-19 Physical Distancing Floor Decals Stickers Labels and Signs in Vancouver