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Color Postcard is one of the most important print products
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Sale Price is for 500 pc. minimum,
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1 - 3 days during the Sale
large order 1-3 days *

*offer subject to change or cancel
without notice

Many Postcard Size / Type Available
(the pictures are scaled to show their size difference)

Small Postcard

4 x 6 (s)

While 4 x 6 seems to be a smaller Postcard, they are great for a 'shorter' message.  Their cost is much less expensive than the larger Postcard size

medium Postcard

The 5 x 7 Postcard is medium sized postcard.  It is about 50% bigger than its younger brother (4 x 6), giving it a lot more room for details without feeling squeezed.  The 5 x 7 is recommended when you have more details to print.

5 x 7 (med)

large (and extra large)


The 5.5 x 8.5 Postcard is classified as a large sized postcard.  It is almost twice as big as a 4 x 6 postcard giving it a lot of room for your details. It is so roomy that our example shown here is shown with
2 sections, giving it a lot of

rooms for details. 


The 5.5 x 8.5 large postcard

is also quite often used as a vertical postcard.  See this example.  The vertical card
gives a very different look.

Another popular size
for Corporate Class
Postcard is a 6 x 9
extra large Postcard. 
It looks similar to the
5.5 x 8.5 large postcard,
but the giant size makes it really stand out.

5½  x 8½  (large)

6 x 9 (x large)

Extra Wide Postcard

The 4 x 9 Postcard is very effective because of its 'extra wide' image.

The example show that there is enough space to put in a main picture (focus) and there's enough room on the right to put in extra information, or for further description or fine print details

4 x 9 (large)

When we look at the 4 x 11 Postcard, we think of 'Wide Angle Lens'.  Look at the example, you can see the extra wide image.  The 4 x 11 extra wide postcard, along with another large brother, the 5.5 x 11 are mostly used by Graphics Designer for Corporate



4¼ x 11 (x wide)

5½  x 11 (giant)

Due to the Forever increase in Paper Price
and Operating / Production Cost,
we are no longer listing our Postcard Price List. 
(The increase is quite significant - Just Like House Price.
Please email your Specs. for quotation.

We will continue to offer
'1-3 days' Econo Production

*** Price Subject to change without Notice ***

Close Door Policy - Covid
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We only accept jobs by
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(email or file transfer program)

Note: During the COVID-19 Outbreak,
all locations (and copy centre) are

all closed to the public.

Upon placing your order,

we will provide details about
the order's pickup / delivery locations.



Printing & Sign Factory Driving Map

Some of our Print Pickup Centre Locations

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