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* we can print / produce sign Much bigger than 60 x 120,

just they may not fall into the 2-4 hour or 1-2 days RUSH catagory

Business Sign

There are many special sign application beyond the basic signage,
here's a few more examples of our
indoor and outdoor sign applications


our specialty : Low cost and
faster sign productions

many signs under the size of 60 x 120 can be produced on same day / next day basis



Window Display
can be done by easily applying

self-adhesive stickers onto

shopping windows,

or with "Special Window Graphics"

inside the store area





Storefront Display Poster
storefront Display Poster
hanging in the Window Display

Draws Big Attention






Business Display
comes in many shape and size.


A-frame, Sandwich Board,

Light Display, Back-light,

pull-up banner, signs

Wall Graphics . . .




Business Display Sign
comes in many shape and size.


A-frame, Sandwich Board,

side walk sign


available in many different size

style and material


24 x 18,

24 x 24,

24 x 36

24 x 48

30 x 48


custom size





Business banner stand
are versatile because

they are portable

and can be placed in most location,


they may be used for 1 time,

or for long time (months & years)

or once in a while.


Pull up banners come in many different size.

the most popular size include

24 x 70

33 x 70





Real Estate Marketing

Open-House Sign
comes in many shape and size.


95% of real-estate products

comes from licensed agents.


Contact us for your agent's needs.



Poster, Sign &

we print up to
60 x 120 inch.


247 Super Rush
Poster, Sign & Banner Service
available (1-2 hour)


* rush charge req.