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24 Hr. Printing, Copies,
Sign, Poster & Banner

247 Rush

Why 24 Hour
Print & Signs

24 Hour
(low cost)


Our On-line

24 Hour Digital Printing
2-3 days Offset and
(complex) Digital Printing



Remember when the
"Green Bank" ( / Trust Company)
extended their business hour
"8 to 8"
some 30+ years ago, it was great convenience.  Our 24 hour online
Print and Copies is doing just that.


(You don't miss the banking at the
last minute, rush hour traffic,

no going back next day,
rush charges, delays . . . )
As Banks moves into
24/7 on-line Banking,
our 247 and 24 hour online
Printing is doing that too
minimum running around*

Business Days never get longer, and a lot of Business Professionals have to deal with their work "after hours" to meet their deadlines. 
We are here for you. Our 
15+ yrs. Experienced Pressmen team can help you with your
Time Sensitive Print Materials. *





So why is "24 hour" much better than "9-5" or "8-8" ?


Example: a sample Print Job takes
2 - 4 hours to produce; Based on that logic, to get a job done for Tomorrow Morning, the absolute latest time the customer need to
place the Final Order is:

Noon at '9-5 shop' *

3 pm at '8-4 shop' *


because 24hr Print Factory works on a 24 hour clock, the final

job submission is
8pm, 10pm or even 2am

* example for illustration only,
actual result may differs, and
rush / super-Rush charge may apply



We've streamline our operation
to offer
"on-line / Econo / Fast Printing"

for smaller print projects *

 at 25 - 50% lower than

other printing / copy shop.

* there are some over-lapping between our
247 Super Rush, and 24 Hour not-so-rush;
just let our Cust. Team know about your need and we'll handle them accordingly. 

*** ps. its always great to
book your jobs in advance so we can reserve you a time-slot.

We don't OVER-BOOK, just to make sure
we can get ALL our IMPORTANT JOBS

Our production works on a
24 hour clock + full shift 'til midnight, giving us more time to properly work on your  "Time Sensitive" project
without charging Big Rush Charge like the other '9 - 5' print shop.


Delivery / Pickup / Logistics:
- Local Rush / Same Day / Next Day delivery is in place,

with 15 minutes VIP Delivery to

downtown area (non-rush hr.),


- 10+ Print Pickup Centre in
Metro Vancouver for
Econo and Convienent pickup

everywhere in Metro Vancouver,


- Special Air Shipping and Ground

Logistics (in-town / out of town),

our press-room can help.


   Learn more about our 
Print Pickup Centre



What else?


our 247 online print operation is

 designed for both local business, travelling business professional,

school work and personal use.

- we offer 24 Hr. Print and Copies Operation in
Metro Vancouver in a
Print Factory Platform
with "Senior Pressman

- 24 Hr. YVR Vancouver Airport
Print and Copies Support
(closest 247 Printer to Airport)


- 24 Hr. Downtown Business Traveler Support - Order your Print Jobs in advance, the package is ready at your specified Location


- 247 VIP Rush Delivery (15 minutes to
Vancouver Convention Centre
and Downtown Hotels)




- 24 Hr. Printing Support for Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby Metrotown Business District
(+ support in other cities by affiliates)

- Specially equipped Factory Class Heidelberg Print Equipment to provide redundant production line

- Satelite Printing Support at
selected locations in the city


- Provide Backup 247 Print Production Support to other 247 Operators
(along with Trade Printing and
Overflow Sub-Trade Production)









24 Hour online
  and Copy Service

- Fast 24 hr. Production
(Booklet / Reports / Copies
ordered today,
Most Job ready tomorrow)

- Minimize Overtime
Rush Charge

- Premium Print Quality


- Time Sensitive
Print Material Handling

(Air Courier, Ground Transport,
VIP Rush Direct Delivery,

15 Print Pickup Centre) . . .

Close Door Policy - Covid
(customer Data Privacy)
We only accept jobs by
online submission

(email or file transfer program)

Note: During the COVID-19 Outbreak,
all locations (and copy centre) are

all closed to the public.

Upon placing your order,

we will provide details about
the order's pickup / delivery locations.



Printing & Sign Factory Driving Map

Some of our Print Pickup Centre Locations

in Metro Vancouver (North Shore, Coquitlam, Surrey & Langley . . .)

* some locations operated by affiliates / production backup teams


e. 24hourPrintFactory@gmail.com

t. 778-628-9936

8385 St. George St., Vancouver (near Fraser & Marine)

Vancouver International Airport

Print Support (247)
South Van - UBC University Support Centre:

1200 W. 73rd Ave. (near Oak Bridge & Authur Laing Bridge)
Vancouver Convention Centre
247 Print Copies & Signs Support:
1155 West Pender (close to Vancouver Convention Centre)
Main Printing Support Centre
1285 W. Broadway, Vancouver (near former Denny's)

West Side Kinkos Land
(Kitsilano / West Broadway Support Centre)
1892 W. Broadway, Vancouver (across from the old Kinkos Bldg)
Burnaby / Metrotown
Business District Support Centre
5050 Kingsway, Burnaby (at Metrotown)



* Operation / Service / Product / Production Support
may varies at different location

Other Pickup sites available by our affiliates & trade partners
Rush Projects may be produced w/ our affiliate partners to meet tight schedule