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How 24 hour PRINT & SIGN factory
help Canada (British Columbian) combat
Covid-19 Virus Pandemic with 
Face Mask, Face Shield and PPE products
(Personal Protection Equipment).

We are all in this together, so we, along with many sign shop  steps up, to help Canadian do Covid-19 Prevention


March and  April (BC Lockdown) -  PPE, specifically Protective Face being a rare commodity, we turned on all our 3D Printers, Die-cutter, wide format printers, and fabricators.
Face Shields, and Social Distancing Floor Markers help front line workers take care of themselves.


  Remind your custom to stay 6 feet apart to help maintain social distancing         Face Mask and Face Shield Combo - by 24 hour print factory (24hourprintfactory.com)         3D Face Shield - by 24 hour print factory (24hourprintfactory.com)


Social Distancing

     Floor Sticker,      Face Mask / Shield,     & 3E face shield here


May & June (BC Reopening) -  Thanks to the leadership of Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC is proud to be the first Territory to get out of the deep hole.  Her passion, soft tone and patience lead us to 'willing to listen to the Government', and controlling the outbreaks . . .

There was major needs to health notice, business operation notice, rules and regulations, social distancing notice, single face mask, fabric facial covering, splash guard, 3D face shields (for first line business workers . . .


   Custom Printed 3D Face Shield for Covid-19 Prevention - by 24 hour print factory (24hourprintfactory.com)      Splash Guard for Covid-19 Prevention - by 24 hour print factory (24hourprintfactory.com)      Premium Black Color Face Mask - by 24 hour print factory (24hourprintfactory.com)


 Face mask for front line workers
(Business Re-Open),   splash guard,   Face Mask / Facial Coverings


July & August (back to school preparation)

- This is our current challenge - Most of us expect there's a 'Back to School' sometime around Fall, but we never expect a major spike in North America and around the world, and compound with half of North America to mandate Mask wearing, and School is re-opening based on the Calendar, and not based on Science and Operation Plan. 

Providing 'Back to School' Products for 50 million school kids in North America is a GIANT JOB.  It requires the use of every stores in every shopping mall to get it done; 

PPE and Face Mask for kids in a new industry, the demand of 600,000 school kids (in BC) , 5 million in Canada and along with about 50+ million person (students, teachers & support workers) in North America is putting a very heavy load in masks and PPE manufactors.  (In all the import, local garment and sign industry, as all the manufacturers around the world are also providing for their own continent and Europe + Asia).


Custom Printed Kid Size Face Mask - available in 1 - 2 days (instead of 3 - 4 weeks wait) - from 24 hour print factory (24hourprintfactory.com)    Kid Size Single Day Use Disposal Face Mask - Kid Size to fit the Coutour of the Child's Smaller Face curviture. - avail at 24 hour print factory    PrePrinted or Custom Imprint Adult Size Face Mask - Many Pattern to choose from, Custom Printing can be Instant Print - available in 1-2 days     Face Mask Department Store - many types to choose from - Preprinted Pattern to Custom Print of your own design / logo - 24hourprintfactory.com


To improve the 'happiness' of wearing mask, we create
Kid's Size Masks, Single Use Mask, Instant Print, Comfort Wear
Comfort is our key.



How can we help? 

Vancouver was once a major Garment Manufacturing city
(1980 - 2000's) until the economy shut them down in favour of other importing countries (over production cost & quota)

Over the last few months, many of these hand crafters came back out to help out with the manufacturing / sewing / and fabrication. 

As specialty Print Factory, we help provide printing on Fabric Materials for Mask Making (Pre-sewing and Post-sewing). 

As specialty Sign Factory, we help provide Face Shield fabrication,
providing more comfortable Face Shields for different working / wearing environments

With advanced on-line store capability, we signed on to help them take care of their front-end sales operation, inventory management, logistics and distributions., so the garment people can stay focus on their manufacturing and craftmanship.


24 Hour Print Factory


 to help promote
Covid-19 Health awareness,
Social Distancing
Physical Distancing,
Wash your Hand,
Flatten the Curve
and other initiatives to improve
health Hyigene and fight the

virus pandemic,
we are subsidizing our
Print & Sign Products
up to 50% Discount Pricing



Cheapest Covid-19 Display Sign, Poster & Floor Decal in BC - 50% Diccount on Sign for Covid Prevention / Awareness


Floor Decals, Display Sign and Posters

are factory printed (with premium material
for long-lasting during the Covid-19 oubreak),


different design, size & quantity available




Customization / Enhancement

now Available


Our Cheapest Physical Distancing Floor Decals
and wall display signage used in 
essential business are some of the
most important display signage


- they help remind customers the need of

distancing from other shopping customers

- we offer the cheapest 
floor decals signs as we are helping to
promote distancings.
(with materials
specifically designed to last during the outbreak

and not the generic material that easily get damaged)





Cheapest (50% subsidized) Physical Distancing Floor Decal Signage & Display Sign & Sticker in Vancouver


Poster and Display Signs
placed in strategic locations,

to remind audience and visitors

about the messge






Face Shield offer additional protection against Covid-19 Virus transmission


Face Shield or Face Guard

Is now available to the public.

we offer multiple types

for First line works,

business operator who needs
an additional protection
to protect you and your client

senior residence
and anyone who wants to

get an additional lever of

Covid-19 protection






Cheapest (50% Subsidized *) Large Physical Distancing Display Sign (up to 60 x 100 inch)Totally !!

- our sign products are custom printed
in Vancouver Factories (that we believe
NO OTHER Sign Shop is doing in Vancouver)
we keep maximum Physical Distancing
in mind -
we space out our productions:

our production is configured as multiple
small teams, and the teams are spaced out at
a minumum of 25 feet apart
(at least during the
Corid-19 outbreak, but very likely to be permanent)
each member uses his own dedicated equipment
(so we don't only do Social &
Physical Distancing,
but totally AVOID our sharings to a minimum)



Cheapest Physical Distancing Banner Display Sign, Poster & Floor Decal in BC - 50% Diccount on Sign for Covid Prevention / Awareness


We use 100% Customer Contactless,

and Production Centre Isolation
(about 25 feet distancing
between Production Stations.



Cheap Custom Printed Covid-19 Information Display Sign / Poster / Sticker - 50% Subsidy to help small business restart their business


Poster and Display Signs also helps to

properly delivery the Health Awareness

Message.  They can be temporary or permanent signage, storefront poster,

or graphically inspired (to improve readership), mounted / waterproof
sign or short-term poster.





Cheapest (subsidized) Physical Distancing Floor Decal Signage in Vancouver


Poster and Display Signs
placed in strategic locations,

to remind audience and visitors

about the messge



Our Products

Poster / Sign / Banner
up to 60 x 100 inch.
247 Rush production available

Note: Subsidy to Health Awareness Product

will be applied at our sole discretion

Cheapest Display Hang Banner in Vancouver - 50% Subsidized Discount for Econo Banner Printing

24 x 36

Color +
Poster Paper

from $ 20.00

Poster & BluePrint

24 x 36
White Bond
Architectural BluePrint

from $ 3.00

Certain Conditions Applied

Paper / Fabric Poster,
Point of Sale Display,
Store Store, Backlit Film

BluePrint Printing, Engineering


Cheapest Real Estate Sign Printing, Flyer / Postcard Products in Vancouver

Display Signs &

Real Estate Signs

Cheapest Retractable Banner, and Display Banner Products in Vancovuer

Pullup Banner

Cheapest Poster & Display Sign, Wall Sticker & Floor Decal - 50% Subsidy Discount for Covid-19 Awareness and Business Recovery Sign Products Cheapest Blue Print and Engineering Drawing  - 50% Diccount on Sign Products * during Covid-19 Pandamic

Small Volume Document

Booklets Document
and Report

Coil Bind Document / Report

Stapled Document

and Reports

Professional Stitched Booklets

High Volume Print and
Copies Projects

Poster, Flyer, Handout

Manuals, Reports

Form Letter,
Carbonless Form,
Business Forms,
Letterhead / Mail Merge

High Volume Copies,
Flyer, and

Business Applications and
Point of Sales

Discount Coupon

Restaurant Menu

Product Packaging

Sale / Product Flyer

Thank You

Some of our Printing & Sign Pickup / Service
Centre Locations in Metro Vancouver

(from North Shore to Coquitlam to Langley)

* some locations operated by affiliates / production backup teams

Close Door Policy
(customer Data Privacy)
We only accept jobs by
online submission

(email or file transfer program)

Note: During the COVID-19 Outbreak,
all locations (and copy centre) are

all closed to the public.

Upon placing your order,

we will provide details about
the order's pickup / delivery locations.



e. 24hourPrintFactory@gmail.com

t. 778-628-9936
8385 St. George St., Vancouver (near Fraser & Marine)

Vancouver International Airport
Print Support (247)
South Van - UBC University Support Centre:

1200 W. 73rd Ave. (near Oak Bridge
& Authur Laing Bridge @ Marine Drive)


Vancouver Convention Centre
247 Print Copies & Signs Support:
1155 West Pender

(close to Vancouver Convention Centre)

Main Printing
Support Centre
1285 W. Broadway, Vancouver (near former Denny's)

West Side Kinkos Land
(Kitsilano / West Broadway Support Centre)
1892 W. Broadway, Vancouver
(across from the old Kinkos Bldg)


Burnaby / Metrotown
Business District Support Centre
5050 Kingsway, Burnaby (at Metrotown)

* Operation / Service / Product / Production Support
may varies at different location
overload service may be provided by affiliates

Other Pickup sites available by our affiliates & trade partners

24 hour PRINT & SIGN factory offers
Face Masks, Face Shields and PPE products
to help protect Canadian and British Columbian
from Covid-19 virus infections.

Our extensive face masks product offerings
Adult and Kids size
Face Mask & Face Shield
Pre-Printed (and unprinted) Face Masks &
Custom Face Mask Printing, and
Custom 3D / Comfortable Face Shields
designed for use in different wearing environment

24 hour PRINT & SIGN factory
continues to offer
(up to)
50% Discount / subsidy for
Business Re-Open & Back to School
Physical Distancing Floor Decal and Covid-19
Awareness Printing & Sign Products *

eg: Physical Distancing Banner, Poster,
Floor Stickers,  Health Notice,  Signs, & Picture,

Sticker Signs custom shaped Label / Stickers

from 2 x 2 inch to 60 x 120 inch



* Contact us
for Details